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J Economy Express Service (Cost-Saving Courier Service)

We prepare various door to door service that 1) respond to the needs of convenient and trust international courier service, 2) cut down on the physical distribution cost, 3) reduce the customer ( shipper )'s labor to forward the shipments.

By using discounted space effectively according to the purpose and the use to send shipment quickly to the foreign countries for overseas customer, we make an effort to provide picking up, sorting-out, labeling, wrapping, packing, documentation, export declaration consistently and cost merit in the total to our costomer ( shipper ).

What is J cooperation's "J Economy Courier service" ?
Many Japanese and foreigners living in Japan ask below questions.

Q1:『Is the transportation rate high, is'nt it ?』
A1:We offer to our customer discount of over 40% off regular fare. We provide reliable door to door service with very economy cost.

Q2:『It seem like troublesome to do packing for overseas export and how to procure materials for packing ?』
A2:Please send your shipment to final consolidated point of Minami-Shinagawa, Tokyo.
If your shipment is in Kanto-area , send it by being paid on delivery of Sakawa express with simple packing or in bags
We pack it by double carton box for export.

Q3:『Can we send this dubbing video?』
A3:Don't worry whether you can send your shipment or not to the destination countory.
Please call and ask to a J Corporation Co.,Ltd.(TEL,:, 03-6718-4131) without hesitation.

Q4:『We don't know whether our shipments arrived surely or not』
A4:By the shipment numbers(9-10 figures) , customer can trace your shipment on WEB for 24hours.

Q5:『Is this rate including Duty & Tax in local ?』
A5:It is not including the Duty and Tax at the local in J Daily,J Economy Next, J Weekly, J Over 100kg Nextday service but, in case of our "J Priority service" for Indonesia ,we prepare very conveniece service including Duty and Tax.

Q6:『What should be done if our shipment broke or lost by misfortune?』
A6:As we cover it by the insurance until the declare price (C&F) 300,000 yen per a shipment under floater insurance in our J Economy Next, J Weekly, J Priority service, in case of J Daily service, until the declare price (C&F) 100,000 yen per a shipment, our customer rest assured even if anything should occur

Q7:『What we should do about all documents for export declaration?』
A7:As “J Economy Courier”service save cost and time , we recommend that our customer prepare Invoice(and packing list), air waybill on the premise “Ready For Carriage”.
But, if our customer have no experience to prepare documentation, we can provide proper documentation service for declaration at no fee..
Please fill in the quontity of shipments, declare price, shipper and consignee's address etc by handwriting in the dispatch instructions on attached sheet and please send us by FAX.

We provide J Economy Courier serivce through NO.1 network, over 220 countries.