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J India Special On Board Courier Service

This service is OBC (ON BOARD COURIER) service for India as the shipment within transportable limits as passenger hand baggage via air freight and provide specific service that if receiver (consignee) is in the suburbs of New Delhi airport or Mumbai (previous name Bombay), the almost shipments are delivered until the next day after the shipment arrived to those airport.

When customer sent the shipments by the existing international courier service, it happen that
customs clearance trouble and transfer to the customs broker by consignee’s instruction or takes over 10 days maximum to clear through customs.

This service provide a solution to customer be worried by those delivery trouble.

Shipment limitation:Weight per 1pc/within 35kg/No limited quantity
Size per 1pc/within 85(H)×75(W)cm
Invoice value/within INR99,999- (within JPY200.000-)
Payment method/prepaid only

No acceptance:Dangerous article・chemical article・food・medical drug(Ask for details.)
Document required:Invoice (packing list) 5sets and our exclusive AWB 1set

A sample tariff
(We regret this OBC for India charge Fuel Surcharge 8% of tariff)
※We prepare list of charges every 1.0kg. Please ask us the rate detail.

J Economy Next(Pick up Nextday flight)service

“J Economy Next” service pursues the consolidation effeciency・on board efficiency in airfreight of the collection shipments by using the Next-day flight after pickup, and provide reliable door to door service with very economy cost in order to reduce a distribution cost.
  If our customer choice the day-aftertomorrow flight after pickup, we provide Documentation,Labeling,Usual Packing service at no fee !


What is Economy Next Service ?⇒ We explain it simply by conversation style

1. Customer's shipments are despatched by the next day flight after it picked up to around the world.
2.The Rate is economy price despite a foreign-affiliated courier (door to door) service.
3.We provide make documents, packing service free of charge, if we can use the day after tomorrow flight
after the shipments were picked up (except special packing).
4. User can trace for 24 hours by below site.

A Rate Exmple (※We regret we charge 8% of tariff as Fuel Surcharge 8%)
※We prepare list of charges every 1.0kg. Please ask us the rate detai.

J Weekly ( Discount limited flight of two day a week) service

Our weekly service is a very convenient and advantageous international courier service that has used space of two day a week effectively in order to reduce a distribution cost to prepare your shipments and the transportation cost to overseas, we act for doing all export declaration・Commercial Invoice・Air Waybill ・Labeling・Packaging・Packing !
What is Weekly Service ?⇒ We explain it simply by conversation style

1. It is 2 times a week ( Wednesday / Saturday ) dispatch to around the world
2.The Rate setting to be cheaper than mail EMS in case of over 4kg while it's courier (Door To Door) service.
3.We make documents such as packing / Invoice in being free of charge (except special packing)
4. Internet freight trace system which provide relief.URL:
A Rate Exmple (※We charge Fuel Surcahrge in addition to the tariff separately. Since Fuel Surcharge changes every month, please refer to Fuel Surcharge rate
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
※We prepare list of charges every 1.0kg. Please ask us the rate detail.

J Economy Courier (Economy Express) service

We appreciate that you visited our Economy Express Service site.

We,J Corporation prepares various door to door service that 1) respond to the needs of Convenient and trust Internationa courier service, 2) cut down on the physical distribution cost, 3) reduce the customer ( shipper )'s labor to forward the shipments.

It says that the airfreight transportation attract increasing attention most in the international physical distribution in the 21th century.
Among them, the development of the international courier shipments ( Express handling shipment ) is remarkable.
International express shipment which filled only less than 10 % to the whole airfreight quantity until several years before, is supposed to increase to about 30 % of the total airfreight quantity of the world to 2020 time.

On the one hand, Among the person in charge to want to send shipment urgently to the foreign countries, there are a lot of customers have idea like that The service of the biggest international courier company(= express company) is door to door , convenient for receiver ( consignee ), the delivery requirement dates is short and is speedy service.However, it isn't possible to use casually because the freight charge is expensive and require more effort and time for packing or documatation to prepare the shipping.

By using discounted space effectively according to the purpose and the use to send shipment quickly to the foreign countries for the customer, we make an effort to provide picking up,sorting-out,labeling,wrapping,packing,documentation, export declaration consistently and cost merit in the total to our customer.
When customer want to send the shipments by air,
please use our ecomoy courier service.