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J Economy Courier (Economy Express) service

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We,J Corporation prepares various door to door service that 1) respond to the needs of Convenient and trust Internationa courier service, 2) cut down on the physical distribution cost, 3) reduce the customer ( shipper )'s labor to forward the shipments.

It says that the airfreight transportation attract increasing attention most in the international physical distribution in the 21th century.
Among them, the development of the international courier shipments ( Express handling shipment ) is remarkable.
International express shipment which filled only less than 10 % to the whole airfreight quantity until several years before, is supposed to increase to about 30 % of the total airfreight quantity of the world to 2020 time.

On the one hand, Among the person in charge to want to send shipment urgently to the foreign countries, there are a lot of customers have idea like that The service of the biggest international courier company(= express company) is door to door , convenient for receiver ( consignee ), the delivery requirement dates is short and is speedy service.However, it isn't possible to use casually because the freight charge is expensive and require more effort and time for packing or documatation to prepare the shipping.

By using discounted space effectively according to the purpose and the use to send shipment quickly to the foreign countries for the customer, we make an effort to provide picking up,sorting-out,labeling,wrapping,packing,documentation, export declaration consistently and cost merit in the total to our customer.
When customer want to send the shipments by air,
please use our ecomoy courier service.