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Privacy Policy

1. Management of information

We appoint a manager of information (I say "personal information" as follows) about a visitor individual and I carry out education training / safety measures and perform severe management of personal information.

2. collection purpose and a range

I will collect personal information of a necessary range after having notified you of a collection purpose when I collect personal information.

3. Prohibition of disclosure / an offer to third person

I manage the personal information that they collected than a visitor adequately, and we do not offer disclosure to the third person whom how is except a case to fall under next either either.

When we disclose it in the range that is necessary for duties trust ahead so that a visitor performs service hoped for when there is an agreement of a visitor

4. Imposition to duties trust

We let the third person offering personal information based on above 3. carry out imposition, this by a contract to drive home severe management of personal information at the standard that is similar to us.

5. laws and ordinances, the observance and a review of a model

I review an action in each above clause if necessary we observe laws and ordinances, a model applied about personal information, and to drive home protection of personal information of a visitor more and improve it.